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Want a souvenir from the Charlieu Museums? We offer a lovely selection of small or large gifts... to give or to treat yourself!

For women, for men, for children... there's something for everyone!

Textile items, silk or otherwise, handmade, locally made, made in Loire, French, or from neighboring regions, by passionate and talented artisan creators.

The boutique is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, with free access.

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Souvenirs from Blanche & Christian-Henri Roullier 

Available in the boutique are an exhibition catalog, a book titled "The Saga of the Roulliers," as well as postcards. .

Bags made by Les Tissages de Charlieu
Limited edition for sale only at the Museums' shop

Charlieu hosted the general assembly of the European Federation of Cluniac Sites on July 8th and 9th, 2021. On this occasion, President Rémy Rebeyrotte announced the opening of the candidacy for Cluniac sites in Europe to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. He presented all the details of this process. Charlieu is the first Cluniac site to position itself for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Many other sites will follow Charlieu's example in the coming months. It was ahead of this event that the idea for the bag offered for sale today was conceived and created. It had to reflect the heritage, environmental, and commercial dynamism. It also represents the creativity, industrial innovation, and vitality of businesses in Charlieu. Designer Caroline Filippi from Les Tissages de Charlieu came up with the idea of a Jacquard weaving inspired by the spirit of toile de Jouy. The Friends of the Arts provided visuals as inspiration. This limited edition bag is exclusively available at the Charlieu Museums boutique in two colors. It is both a product of local know-how and a souvenir of Charlieu.

Scarves Denis & Fils

Production and quality from Loire - Montchal

We offer in our boutique a range of scarves from Denis & Sons, woven and crafted in Montchal (Loire).

These products are made from 100% silk or blends of cotton-silk-linen-modal, very soft and comfortable to wear. Trendy colors for all occasions!

A wide selection for men and women, comfortable materials, and carefully chosen hues...

We also offer beautiful, airy, and colorful chiffons, printed scarves of all sizes.

Autrement soie

Come and succumb to the charm of Martine Thouvenet's colors, an artist originally from Vichy!

Coin purse, magnetic bookmark, pocket mirror, brooch, glasses or phone case, keychains, pouches...


We offer a selection of items for children of all ages:

  • Books and notebooks on themes such as textiles, hospitals, the human body, and plants...
  • Card games
  • The game of "7 families"
  • The board game Circino, made in Loire

Silk in all its forms

On the Silk Museum side, we offer a wide range of items related to silk: scarves, scrunchies, fabric coupons...

Cartes soie
Sachet de lavande en soie
Chouchous P. M. Buvat
Foulards Rozier, de Lyon
Etamines de laine - St-Jean-Saint-Maurice
Cache cœur en soie, P. M. Buvat
Bandeaux P. M. Buvat
Foulards froissés P. M. Buvat
Foulards P. M. Buvat
Foulards P. M. Buvat
Foulards froissés P. M. Buvat
Coupon de soie des musées
Cocons de vers à soie
Coupons de soie

The benefits of plants

On the Hospital Museum side, we offer a beautiful range of items related to plants, care, the human body...

Pot canon
Eaux florales
Savons et shampoings solides